About Corporate University

By School of Greatness, Inc.

Our Corporate University offers a variety of strategic courses and modules that we developed over a period of twenty years to enhance the culture of organizations by empowering their executives and employees for peak performance at work and in life through online programs they can take at their pace, place and prerogative.


Based on the depth of corporate experience gained from working for and with Fortune 500 corporations to execute over one billion (US) dollars worth of projects, the contents of our programs are thought-provoking, practical, applicable, measurable and beneficial to organizations in all industries, cultures and of all sizes.


The contents are so understandable and applicable that some organizations have attributed to us significant turnaround in their corporate culture, and improved proficiency in the annual assessments of their leaders and client satisfaction as well as remarkable increases of up to 400% in their sales revenue. 


Upon completing the courses and modules, you will have access to the content for some time while we will be using different technology platforms to offer you a three-months follow-up coaching and mentoring program, which will reinforce the knowledge you gained and inspire you to sustain your transformation.


Due to the depth of our capabilities in management consulting, corporate training and coaching, the skills you will learn in our programs are applicable to work and life and also transferrable between roles and responsibilities, thereby maximizing the benefits and outcomes of our courses and modules for a lifetime.


What is more, every graduate of our corporate university will have prompt access to our coaches anywhere in the world and be granted lifetime access to our global online community of corporate superstars and mentoring programs through enlightening newsletters, educative articles and encouraging video content. 

Mission Statement:

To facilitate the Transformation & Exponential Growth of Organizations by Offering their Employees & Entrepreneurs Continuous Learning Products and Programs at their Pace, Place and Prerogative.

Transforming Employees into Corporate Superstars™ Through Training, Coaching 

& Consulting


Corporate University Benefits

Flexible Schedule 

Proven Micro-Learning Model

Global Network

ViP Support

Relevant Content Applicable Today

  • Convenient Access and Delivery

  • Save Significant Training & Coaching Costs

  • Improve Corporate Value Chain & Ecosystem

  • Streamline Learning Content & Experiences

  • Global Knowledge Management System

  • Customize Contents for Corporate Objectives

  • Measure Staff Progress & Return On Investment

  • Gather Staff Suggestions for Corporate Growth

  • Constant Updates of Contents & Experiences

  • Facilitate Employee Assistance Program