About Alex Ihama

Global Strategist, Executive Coach,

Professional Speaker, Bestselling Author & President/CEO,

the School of Greatness, Inc. Toronto, Canada

Global Strategist, Executive Coach, Professional Speaker...

Alex Ihama is repeatedly invited by corporations,

churches, colleges, communities and the government

whose desire goes beyond the transformation of

their people to that of their nation.

An internationally-acclaimed global strategist,

executive coach and professional speaker, Alex

Ihama has taken his thought-provoking messages

and national transformation agenda from Canada

to Cuba, the UK to the USA, Germany to Malawi,

Switzerland to South Africa, Nigeria to the

Netherlands, the Bahamas to the Dominican

Republic and nations like Malawi, Kenya,

Ghana, France & Jamaica.


Ihama is a veteran banker, bestselling author

of over 100 live and online programs and books

like Welcome to Greatness and The Mystique of

Leadership, as well as the CEO of the International

School of Greatness, which is a unique institution

that has ignited the spirit of leadership in over

a million people in 45 nations.


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Bestselling Author & President/CEO of the School of Greatness, Inc.

He is sought after regularly by executives, politicians,

bishops, professors and celebrities because of the

depth of his contents and exceptionally unique blend

of psychological, philosophical, spiritual and

psychological methodologies. In over two decades,

he has helped to facilitate the execution of over one

billion US dollar worth of corporate projects and

programs while enabling some organizations to

increase their profits by up to 400%.


Considered as one of the most dynamic and

engaging speakers in the world today because of his

stage power and uncommon ability to communicate

complex topics with brevity and humour, his

psychospiritual certification programs in leadership

& management have been embraced by academic

& religious institutions globally.


His clients, students and audiences worldwide classify

his keynotes, management consulting, corporate

training, coaching programs, online courses, social

media activities, and radio & TV interviews as

“intellectually stimulating & spiritually therapeutic”

as well as “captivating, challenging & compelling.”