Available Individual Courses 
  1. Fundamentals of Transformational Leadership: Orchestrating a Paradigm Shift in the 21st Century

  2. Personal Leadership: Developing the Personality & Characteristics of Impact, Influence & Excellence

  3. Supervisory Leadership: The Psychology of Relationships for Impact, Influence & Excellence

  4. The Science of Emotional Intelligence: The Ultimate Capability for Exceptional Leadership

  5. Managerial Leadership: Strategies for Exponential Growth in Timeliness, Quality & Productivity

  6. Executive Leadership: Macro Perspectives & Strategies for Impact, Influence & Excellence

  7. The Art of Corporate Strategy: Strategic Tools & Techniques for the Efficient Execution of Projects

  8. Embracing Change: Developing the Mindset & Skillset to Sustain & Expand Transformation

  9. Client Relationship Management: Strategies to Increase Customer Loyalty & Sales Opportunities

  10. Public Speaking & Presentation: How to Deliver Complex Messages with Clarity & Brevity

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Alex Ihama